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Fujian Wanlong Diamond Tool Co.,Ltd

Manufacturer from China, Quanzhou

13 Zhitai Road, Qingmeng Hi-tech Industrial Area
CN  362000
Fujian, China
Wanlong diamond tools co.,Ltd leads Chinese diamond tools market with mass production capacity, consistent quality and R&D engineering solutions for stone processing!<br>
3,000,000 pieces of diamond segments are produces monthly under strict quality control in our factory, CNC diamond tooling are tested in Europe & USA and concluded 85-90% Italian quality but with much flexible pricing!<br>
Wanlong well branded in diamond segments, saw blades, core drill bits, cup wheels, profile wheels, CNC diamond tooling and stone machinery for more than 15 years!<br>
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diamond segments, diamond saw blade, diamond core bits, diamond cup wheel, diamond profile wheels

Quanzhou in Fujian, China

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Product: Sawing and Cutting Machinery